The City Rings, London

April - May 2012
Galliard Primary School, Enfield, London
Produced by: 
Sound and Music

The third installment of The City Rings takes place at Galliard Primary School in Enfield, North London.

Sound artist, educator and broadcaster Patrick Furness is working with class 5W and their teacher to explore the sonic environment of the area where they live, and share their experiences with other children of the same age in Finland and in Portugal. Over 5 weeks pupils will learn how to make field recordings and compose their own 'Sonic Postcards'.

Class 5W took part in another SAM project, Minute of Listening, in Spring 2012, and they are very excited about the prospect of creating their own recordings and compositions to share with other schools!

They will be exchanging their sounds with the School of Hailuoto, on the tiny arctic island of Hailuoto in Finland, where pupils are working with artists and musician Antye Greie, and with pupils at Colégio João Paulo II in Braga, Portugal with workshops led by Bruno Rocha.

You can see and hear all the work created during The City Rings workshop on the project blog.

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The City Rings is the education strand of Sounds of Europe; a two-year international project exploring field recording activity as artistic practice. The project has been initiated by Q-O2 (Brussels), MTG / Sons de Barcelona (Barcelona), IRZU (Ljubljana) and CRISAP (London), and is supported by the European Commission. 

Produced by

Sound and Music


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