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Kuljit Bharmra - Summer School tutor

Meet the tutors!

Our composers and musicians have expertise in a huge range of music-making from conventionally-notated music to electronic music and from jazz to music for film. During the week, you will work in a group with composers and musicians who can work with you on your preferred style of music-making as well as having the opportunity to try out different styles and traditions.

This year’s Key Tutors are:

Kerry Andrew; Composing for Voice


This year you will be writing almost exclusively for the voice. Kerry Andrew, Anna Snow and Sarah Dacey of experimental a cappella trio, juice, along with exciting vocalist/songwriter/arranger Ben See, will help show you how much the voice can do. Expect to be influenced by genres from classical to folk, electronica to pop, with theatrical ideas, unusual text-setting, body percussion, beatboxing and improvisation thrown into the mix.


Issie Barratt; Jazz Composition


We'll begin the week listening to a broad selection of pieces that combine composition with improvisation (looking at how those composers communicate their ideas so as to inspire and inform the improvising musicians) as well as getting to know the instruments and instrumentalists you'll be writing for. Then begins the exciting exploration of your own creative ideas and how to communicate them to the professional  sextet (trumpet/flugel, alto sax, baritone sax, piano, bass and drums) within a 3-minute piece, ready for Thursday's run-through and Friday's recording sessions and gig. It's always such a joyous journey of colourful creativity and diverse ideas - you'll love it!



Alison Cox; Instrumental Composition including world music

New Music Resounds! Young composers will explore a fascinating range of starting points based around improvisation, graphic and non-standard notation, musical ideas from other cultural traditions and sounds from the environment. You will work closely with five brilliant musicians representing a range of different cultures who will help you to explore new ideas, write them down and combine them.  


Aidan Goetzee; Music and Sound for the Moving Image

Experience your music bringing to life the meanings, emotions and dramas lying dormant in a short film! Working with a small group of instrumentalists you will develop your films scores using the huge range of sounds and processing possible on recording and computer technology. Writing in any style, you will create, explore and extend your sonic language using everything from noise through to music; you will develop techniques and approaches to writing extended passages of film music. Combining live with pre-recorded work, you will compose, record, mix, master and synchronise your original score to film.


David Horne; Advanced Instrumental Composition


Music is ultimately about great sounds, and in working with different instruments we will introduce you to the fantastic sound possibilities they have in order to help you create original and thrilling music. You will receive feedback on your music from myself and the other musicians as well as working with other prominent visiting composers. We will look at examples of innovative music from the 20th century and use them as an inspiration for composition; you will pick up some great tricks and 'trade secrets' for starting and continuing a piece, and finally building it into a creation you are satisfied with.

Creative focus of the week

We have a fabulous week of creativity and music-making awaiting you, led by a diverse group of some of the best and most experienced composers and musicians in the UK!  The focus of the week will be to create a new, original piece of music that will be performed and recorded by the professional musicians supporting your tutor group.  We can’t coach anyone through any specific examination requirements such as submissions for AS or A level qualifications, which differ for every exam board and have very specific briefs. Instead, we will be encouraging you to look outside the box and develop a piece that is unique to your individual musical journey. Along the way, you will gain all sorts of new skills and creative ideas, as used by professional composers, that will be invaluable for your future music-making, including your school studies. You will also have a score and a recording that may be useful for composition portfolios including for applications to university and conservatoires.

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