Audience Development Hub


At Sound and Music we are passionate about growing new audiences for new music, and there are lots of ways you can get involved.

We now have an open call for Expressions of Interest in our Audience Development Incubator. Find out more here.

Background to Sound and Music's Audience Development 

Sound and Music has built an online community of enthusiasts for new music, and people who actively search out new artists and events - you could call them 'early adopters' of new music. Now numbering in excess of 14,000 people this database can itself be a real asset in lauching new ideas and initiatives.

At the same time we collect evidence for what works, and what doesn't, when artists and promoters look to build new audiences.

We bring this together in three core services to help you promote new music:

1.     Promotion: take a look at our promotion pack to see the range of ways we can help you reach new music audiences.

2.     Advice and Support: using the evidence and data we collect we can help and advise promoters of all sizes in how to build and sustain audiences for new music.

3.     Incubate new thinking: we have an established incubation programme to help organisations of all sizes innovate to grow and sustain audiences for new music.

Download our overview for more information about our Audience Development Plan.

We also want to generate some conversations – how can we build audiences for new  music? Lets share what works – get in touch through Twitter, Facebook, mail us at or call 020 7759 1800.