1.2.2 The Big Day!



1. Managing a Project

1.1 Setting up and Planning

1.2 Running the Project

1.2.2 Event Preparation

1.2.2 The Big Day!

1.3 Completing the Project

2. Finance, Budgeting and Fundraising

2.1 Creating and keeping control of a budget

2.2 Fundraising

3. Marketing and PR

3.1 Approaching Press

3.2  Measuring Success

by Martin Wess

Phase 3 – The Big Day!

After all your hard work bringing everything together, the day of the (first) concert has arrived. As you will have prepared all aspects carefully, your main task is to liaise between the different parties involved in the event if necessary (venue staff, performers, audience), to deal with any unforeseen complications and to ensure everything runs smoothly. The concert day might well be the first time that you meet the venue staff, who you will have been in contact with for several weeks, in person. Any face-to-face meeting is a great occasion to talk through last details, thank somebody and generally to develop your relationship. 
Practical tasks on the concert day might include:

Documentation – if you are having the concert documented you could check the set-up and discuss an unobtrusive position of the video camera or the best part of the programme to be photographed

Audience feedback forms – some funders require you to provide feedback from audience members, in which case you will need to ensure that audience questionnaire are giving out by stewards at the auditorium entrance and that everybody who fills in a questionnaire knows where to put it afterwards

Programme – do check that the programmes have been laid out or been given to the stewards to be handed out

Comps – a last check that the list of complimentary tickets is up-to-date might be useful• Meet and greet – if you are expecting key industry figures or special guest to attend the concert make sure to meet them when they pick up their ticket or at a prearranged meeting point

Concert introduction – as producer (especially as Composer/Producer) you will have intimate knowledge of what the project is all about, so you could be an ideal person to introduce the programme and its background to the audience in a little speech preceding the concert or in a more formal pre-Introduction to the concert

Last but not least – try and relax, and enjoy the performance! 

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