2.6 YouTube



1. Export Strategies

2. Digital Rights

2.1 Insurance

2.2 Trademarking

2.3 PRS and Royalties

2.4 Publishing

2.5 Synchronisation

2.6 YouTube

2.7 Other Income Streams

2.8 Legal Primer

2.9 Being Commissioned Internationally

3. Support and Funding

4. International 101

5. Conclusion

2.6 YouTube

There are a number of ways that you can monetise your compositions online, from placing music into an online advert or encouraging more streams from Spotify, Rdio or Deezer. Of all of these sources, YouTube is the largest and most lucrative.  It’s so big that there’s a convention dedicated to allowing YouTube content creators to hold talks and meet their fans (SiTC, VidCon and Playlist Live). Monetising your videos on YouTube is a science, not an art. There are many guides that describe how to manage your content on YouTube, with one of the better ones offered by DIY enthusiasts CD Baby.

In short, here are some factors you must consider:

●     YouTube is about sharing. Ensure your videos are pride of place on your website and social media properties.

●     Tag your videos properly and enthusiastically.  A tag links you to the YouTube community.

●     Ensure you upload your videos from your own YouTube account - your business one, not your personal.

●     Make and share YouTube playlists, both of your content but also the content you ‘like’ and ‘share’.

●      Consider applying to be a YouTube partner.  This is not applicable to everyone, but can become very lucrative if your videos are beginning to be shared and viewed significantly.

●      Post to YouTube - make sure you send posts, through your channels to your subscribers.  The more subscribers you have, the more valuable you are to YouTube.


YouTube is one of the most effective export tools. It works virtually everywhere, brings communities together and opens up your content to markets that are difficult to visit, tour and release in. Put some time into this; it will pay off.

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