3. Support and Funding



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3. Support and Funding

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3. Support and Funding


You may have an excellent business plan, relevant international connections and legal protection in place but this doesn’t necessarily mean you can jump on a plane to Berlin or Tokyo. The financial implications to music export can be daunting, but if you truly believe you have everything in place to make your trips as successful as possible then this could be a worthwhile investment to your business and personal growth.

Although not always explicitly stated, support for music export does exist. This can be found through the following sources of financial and non-financial assistance:

●     Educational establishments - these can offer exchanges, residencies and overseas connections

●     Grants and bursaries - often from public or charitable organisations (some are listed in this section)

●     Development agencies - they can help you with advice and assistance to make sure you have everything in place before you export, and can also provide connections to other composers, performers, etc.


And, of course…

●      International festivals, presenters and venues - if they commission you, can they invite you as well? Can they give you exposure, or help introduce you to other musicians and composers you may like to work with in the future?

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