2. Digital Rights, Registrations and Contracts



1. Export Strategies

2. Digital Rights

2.1 Insurance

2.2 Trademarking

2.3 PRS and royalties

2.4 Publishing

2.5 Synchronisation

2.6 Youtube

2.7 Other income streams

2.8 Legal Primer

2.9 Being commissioned internationally

3. Support and Funding

4. International 101

5. Conclusion

2. Digital Rights, Registrations and Contracts:  A Guide to Protecting Yourself and Encouraging Collaboration

In terms of exporting yourself abroad, let’s go back to the beginning. Remember, 90% of what we do to lead to a successful trip (or exporting of your compositions abroad) happens before we leave.  The final 10% - the performing and associated logistics of collecting rights and royalties from usage - is the end result.  Of all the activities we’re recommending - including asset development, understanding your brand and image, mastering analytics and social media development and researching your audience and potential partners - you need to ensure that your music is protected legally before going abroad, so that when money starts to come in it is easier to collect and account for. (As an additional incentive, in many territories, royalty payments are far more generous than in the UK.)

This section lists a number of requirements we would recommend before working internationally.

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